Homes with personal woodlands for sale

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With the growth in economy in UK there are a lot of people who are moving to the UK permanently. This has lead to numerous houses being built in many parts of the UK. This has made people worried because it seems difficult to get the house of your dreams in the UK. This however is not the case, there are numerous property in the UK you can enjoy. Below are some of the most amazing properties in the UK. The amazing thing about these properties is the fact that they have woodlands that are part of the house sale.

1. 5-bedroom Drumore Farm

This is an extremely beautiful property that is located in Balfron station. The amazing thing about this property is the fact that it feels like Scotland when you are at this property since the layout and structure of the house is similar to the designs you would normally see in Scotland. The property is on a 53 acre piece of land of which 2 acres is made up of the woodland. The trees were recently put in place and therefore have broad and green leaves. The large percentage of this woodland is made up of conifers which may come in handy for very many Christmases. Woodlands arent your thing? You can always consider using a local tree surgeon to clear some extra garden space!

2. Grade two village house

If you are the kind of person who likes a quiet and peaceful time away from all the noise near the city, this is the perfect house for you. It is located in Ansty. The property is on a two acre piece of land that has woodland on the outside. There are very many wooden parts in this house that make it very rich and beautiful. Another thing you may like about this property is the amazing tree house you can use to relax or pass time.

3. Gothic Cottage

This property is located in Grittleton. The amazing thing about this gothic type of cottage is the fact that it is very unique looking for most people who have good taste in unique designs. There are no houses in the area that have a similar design. Apart from this, the house is also very spacious and has a variety of rooms you can use for different purposes depending on your tastes and preferences. Most importantly, this property has woodland that is on one and a half acre of land. You can therefore enjoy the fresh breeze of air outside with friends and family.

4. Narborough Stables 
This is one of the most picturesque properties there is in Narborough. The house is made up of three bedrooms. However, if you need more than this number of bedrooms; it is possible to convert some of the rooms into bedrooms since there are a number of rooms depending on your taste and preferences. There is woodland in this property that contains trees that have been around for over 500 hundred years. it is therefore a great experience to be on this property. This house is located on a 20 acre piece of land. You therefore have ample space to do whatever you need.

5. Axis Apartments (New Build)

In London, close to Hampstead Heath, we have a stunning exampleof a new build property. Axis Apartments aren’t your usual new build apartments in London. They are exceptional in more ways than one. With superb links into central London, these stylish apartments could not be in a better position. Tube links are within walking distance and the area has plenty of bars a restaurants nearby. These apartments are ideal for investors or first time buyers alike. You can arrange a viewing directly here.

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Foreseeable Effects of the UK Elections on Overseas Property Purchase

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uk elections
With elections come uncertainties in many aspects and property purchase is no different. With the UK general elections set for May 2015, the interest of British buyers on overseas property is expected to decrease but according to Overseasguidescompany.com it may pick up later in the year as pension and property rules that are more liberal characterize the market. The decrease expected early on in the year is not only due to election uncertainties but also a looming increase in interest rates.

According to Overseas Guides Company, 2014 saw an increase in overseas investments by UK citizens with Spain being the destination of choice replacing France which had led in 2013. With these values came correspondingly more downloads of the Spain Buying Guide than the France Buying Guide from overseas guides company all through 2014 and this trend is expected to continue late into the year but decrease as 2015 begins.

2014 has also seen a recovery of the Euro against the Sterling pound and this has encouraged purchases in European countries greatly on top of the list being Portugal and Italy. To demonstrate how this has increased the urge to invest overseas here is an explanation. In January 2014, the rates were at £1/€1.27 and £1/€1.27 in December the same year. This means that a €150,000 property is around £6000 cheaper to a UK buyer than it was in January. As 2015 approaches however, the wavering of these currencies likely with the elections will greatly affect overseas investments in early 2015. It is simply natural and almost inevitable for currencies of a country in election mood to waver and UK is expected to be no different. In the second half of 2015 however, it is expected to pick again when the election uncertainties subside and then people can start planning again on getting property overseas.


In the 2014 autumn statement, changes in stamp duty were announced which introduce a graduated system making cheaper to buy property in the UK. According to these estate agents in Bolton http://www.openhousebolton.co.uk/ this is expected to be of help to those who would like to sell their property in UK for funding in moving to overseas as they plan their move in advance helping them get the much money they need for investing abroad later on. New pension rules to be implemented in April 2015 are also expected to favor retirees who would like to invest abroad. They will be allowed to take their pension in lump sums rather than buy annuities as is currently required by law. This will give them money for making investments in the latter half of 2015. With UK’s base interest rates as well as Eurozone’s being at their lowest and expected to remain so into late 2015, the mortgage rates are at the lowest and this is expected to further reinvigorate investments in 2015 especially in European countries.

In conclusion, according to Overseas Guides Company, the elections in 2015 are likely to result in a decrease in overseas property investments but the numbers are likely to pick later on in the year thanks to a stable economy among other financial eases to be seen in the country within this period.

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Property Prices in Scotland set to raise substantially after April 2015

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Thousands of prospective middle class home buyers across the united Kingdom were thrilled by the announcement made by Chancellor George Osborne related to the slashing of stamp duty rates. Chancellor made this announcement as part of the annual autumn statement presented on December 3 2014. While presenting the last autumn report before the general elections, Chancellor George Osborne gave the information that a middle class U.K home buyer planning to buy a home valued at 275,000 pounds would be able to save a minimum of 4,500 pounds due to the cuts in stamp duty. After this stamp duty cut, a person who had been paying 8,250 pounds as Stamp duty for buying a property worth 275,000 pounds, would now be required to pay only 3,750 pounds as stamp duty. But at the same time U.K home buyers planning to buy a home valued at 1 million pound or more , would be required to pay a higher stamp duty. While presenting this proposal Osborne remarked that this cut in stamp duty would set right the badly damaged housing market that has been in this condition for the last several decades.

Though home buyers residing in different parts of the United Kingdom would greatly benefit from the stamp duty cut, home buyers in a particular portion of the United Kingdom would be able to use this only for three to four months. Scotland home buyers can enjoy this benefit only till April 2015 after which the Scottish Parliament takes over complete control over the levy. John Swinney had already proposed the introduction of an additional 10% Scottish Property Purchase tax. This tax levy would be part of the new Land and Building Transaction tax that has been proposed to come in to effect from May 2015. A Scottish home buyer would be paying a stamp duty of 4,800 pounds for buying a 275,000 pounds property after April 2015 as against 3,750 pounds paid by home buyers in the other parts of United Kingdom.

For people residing in places other than Scotland in United Kingdom, the property purchase tax is 5% of the purchase price. Scotland Home buyers would be eligible to enjoy these rates only till April 2015. Edinburgh Solicitors property Center had actually published the current rates and rates after April 2015. As per their findings, a person looking to buy a three bedroom flat in Edinburgh valued at around 320,000 pounds will have to shell out approximately 3,300 pounds more after April 2015. John Swinney announced the introduction of this new Scottish Property Purchase Tax in October 2014 . Estate agents and House Builders have already started putting pressure on John Swinney to re consider the new property tax that would come in to effect after April next year.

When it was introduced in October 2014, Estate Agents felt that this would put considerable burden on the aspiring middle class home buyers. But now with the stamp duty tax cut announced as part of the Autumn statement, Scottish Home buyers would have to pay considerably more for acquiring a similar Size property in Scotland compared to the rest of the United Kingdom. Philip Hogg, Chief Executive of Building Trade Body Homes for Scotland has warned that the housing market would stagnate after April 2015 and urged John Swinney to take corrective measures. He had also put forward the suggestion of including a separate tax band for purchase prices falling between 250,000 pounds and 500,000 pounds.

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